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Labview and CIP communication

I have an electronic which is on TCP/IP over CIP.

I need a sample program for this.


I have developed few but that doesnt seem to work.


I have tried seeing the data trafic in wire shark.

I can see that hand shake is happening.


But i have error:

The network connection was refused by the server.


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You mean probably CIP over TCP/IP, which is basically Ethernet/IP.


There are no trivial (and free) solutions for this. The Ethernet/IP Toolkit from NI is an option. Possibly the Turck Ethernet/IP Toolkit might work too. It's advantage is that it does only use native LabVIEW TCP/IP functions but it is specifically designed for Turck devices and needs some tinkering with others.


If you want to try not paying money you could also try this.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I've previously had good luck with EEIP.DLL, a .NET Framework DLL, in LabVIEW.


The site that maintained it was but it appears to have not been renewed.  If you look a year back in the wayback machine you can still see the site.


There are still official-ish places to get it:



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