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Labview 8.0 FPGA DMA question

I am developing a control system which needs to access a big mass of
variable data (32 Mbyte) that i can put into the host computer RAM. In
labview tutorial and also on other web resources it is well described
how the DMA FIFO can be used to "write to" host PC memory (RAM) but
nothing about "reading from" the PC RAM. Is it possible? And which is
the control to be used? Do I need some lower level coding?

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for the DMA right now you can only write back to host RAM.  As far as I konw  NI is developping the tech to read from Host RAM.
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sorry I should say for PXI 7833R series DMA is unidirectional . For other card I don't know.
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Hi Davide,

As of right now, the DMA transfers are one-way only (FPGA to host).

Best regards,

David H.
Systems Engineer
National Instruments
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If you are using PXI 7833R you can use the onboard memory which is 192kbyte. If you are using PXI 7831 you have to wait until the bidirectional DMA comes out.
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