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Is it possible to create the block diagram shown at the attached image without having access to the laboratory equipment? The program is used to control a Siemens CPU 313 PLC together with OPC Server. I am just trying to recreate the block diagram using LabView at my home pc.

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You can create. Foe help on Shared variables: and
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Your VI uses standard LabVIEW Controls, Indicators, and structures, but also uses Network Shared Variables (for communication with your PLC).  Depending on the version of LabVIEW you have on your home PC, you may or may not have the Toolkit or Module you will need to enable this feature.


Note that you will need to work in the context of a LabVIEW Project.  Try following the steps in the Tutorial that Uday mentioned -- if you cannot create the Network Shared Variable, then you will have to wait until you have access to a more appropriate LabVIEW installation.


Bob Schor

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The tutorials are helpfull but i need to know if i can create a shared variable and bind it to already existing OPC Tag (the tutorial shows how to do the reverse process)

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