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LabView utility to calculate PCIe Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 eye closure jitter pk-pk, RMS

 I'm looking for an existing solution using LabView or LabWindows/CVI to calculate the PCIe Gen1,2,3 eye closure jitter peak to peak and RMS parameters. This parameter was well document with  PCI-SIG organization documentation. What I am looking for is whether NI has an existing solution for calculating the eye closure for PCIe differential signal which was capture by high speed digitizer (Long Data Record (LDR)) or oscilloscope, and then post processing either within the scope (Agilent) or offline using MatLab or Python scripts. Many thanks,

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Greetings SGN-SJC


I am not very familiar with the characteristics of the PCIe differential signals that you are talking about. If you could describe the expected frequencies of the signals, pulse widths and voltaje levels, we will be better able to help you find a solution.


With that said, I can also recommend you use the NI Advisor to browse the NI hardware until you find a set up that could acquire the signals that you need. Onced acquired, all the processing can easily be down with LabVIEW.


Warm Regards, 

Luis J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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