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LabView compatible PID controller

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Dear all,


we are building an automated testing oven. It has been decided that it's cheaper and more convenient to use a pre built PID controller, however 


our task is to set the temperature of oven using LabView code, thus the PID should communicate with computer. 


I would be really grateful if you could give me a piece of advice whether such controllers exist and where they can be found or it might be easier to use DAQ box + NI PID


toolkit + power transistor with external power supply + heating element.


P.S just to note, working temperature range is not very high ( 20 - 200C)


All the best


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you should contact your local NI branch and ask for a visit of the sales rep.

He/she could give you some options and information you then can think about and select.



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Accepted by topic author AlexanderJust

Hi Alexander,


When you talk about PID controller, there are two options:

1. Software based PID controller (that you can develop using LabVIEW PID toolkit)

2. Hardware based PID controller... if you choose to have a hardware based PID, you need to make sure that it can be used with LabVIEW, I know that what your concern is...!!


Mostly these PID controllers (hardware based) are a serial instrument (RS-232, RS-485 or MODBUS based) and that can be easily integrated with LabVIEW.. no toolkit is required but all you need is VISA functions or MODBUS library.

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Thanks very much! I'll have a look on these controllers, VISA functions are not a problem, used to work with them before, now have to decide on the right controller! 

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could you recommend a company, that makes these controllers? 

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You can search it online... I prefer searching on RS Cmponents. But it again depends on what is the end use of application, is it for academic purpose or for industrial...!!

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