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LabVIEW on MacBook with Boot Camp

I'm interested in getting a MacBook Air to use as my personal computer, but I really need to be able to run all the work data acquisition hardware if necessary.  I primarily use a PXIe-6356, which I know is still unsupported in OS X for whatever reason.  Would there be any issue using it in Windows 7 via Boot Camp?  I would tend to think not, since it's just any other Intel box at that point, but the only forum posts on the subject are very old.

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Theoretically you should not have any real problem using a MAC with a windows partition.  It should act as a normal windows machine although National Instruments does not specifically test our hardware on Macbooks running Windows. You are definitely correct in your assumption that it should act as any other windows machine with an intel processor.


Jacob K

Jacob K
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Have you had success running your data acquisition system on a Mac?  I'd be interested to hear your success/horror stories as I'm getting ready to do the same thing.

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