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LabVIEW numeric input keeps counting up by itself

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If I make a new numeric input without anything going to it in a brand new vi.  Then i click in the input as if to type a number.  The input will automatically start going up by itself without any input from keyboard or mouse.  Also the labview program screen has started to slide to left by itself.  I double checked with our it team and keyboard and mouse system out not stuck.  This has shut down all my programs as every single program with a numeric input cant be run.  Is there like a over all labview setting or something for this?  All the programs were working fine yesterday and today this started with no warning and nothing having been done to programs.  I am running labview 21.

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It doesn't sound like a LabVIEW thing. It seems like some key is getting stuck.

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Accepted by topic author FlybyWire

Possibly a problem with the mouse, or mouse driver.

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Accepted by topic author FlybyWire

Your mouse is sending horizontal scroll signals. Whoever checked your mouse must have missed something. Perhaps you have two mice connected? Do you have a touchpad on a laptop plus a regular mouse? Is there a book or something sitting on one of them?


Try this: open Notepad, copy/paste a really long line of text, turn off Word Wrap (View-> Uncheck Word Wrap). Put the cursor in the text and see if it moves there too.


Also, try unplugging your mouse (or removing the batteries). See if the issue goes away. There's a chance your laptop touchpad is broken or something (maybe someone spilled coffee on it and it's getting intermittent scroll signals or something).


The long and short of it is that the horizontal scrollbar will move the window sideways, and either horizontal or vertical scrollwheels will increment or decrement numeric indicators.

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Yes turned out IT was wrong I reloaded the drivers for the wireless keyboard and everything started working again.  Thank you everyone for the Help 🙂

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...until someone hits the "up arrow".  😄

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