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LabVIEW crashes during mass compilation every time

Hello All

I have installed a new LabVIEW 7.1 from February on Win XP.
Every time when I try to mass compile LabVIEW, after few files it crashes, and only one thing I can do is to send a report to Microsoft.

It looks like it crashes in a moment when it can not find a subvi in the directory structure.

What is wrong with it?

Thanks in advance.
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I hope you are not trying to mass compile the entire LabVIEW directory. I will definately choke on several of the files it will find. If you have upgraded to 7.1.1, you should mass compile the vi.lib, instr.lib, user.lib and examples directories.

You could also have an error with the Paths settings. If it is searching an invalid path to find a subvi, that might cause the problem.

I suggest that you start small and try a single subdirectory like user.lib, then move on to instr.lib, then examples.
Michael Munroe, CLD, CTD, MCP
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Hello Michael

Actually I have tried to mass compile the whole LV directory. I can see no reson why LV shall crash even though it compiles some strange files.
Moreover, I have tried to do the same on the other machine, and everything was OK.

So I started digging, and what I have found out was that the deleting the LV.ini file was the only way to stop LV from crashing. There are some options in the LV.ini which will cause LV to crash, but I have not identified them yet. I shall try to do it when I have some time.

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