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LabVIEW crashes at startup



When I start up LabView 2015 SP1, I get the message in attachment. Program just closes and I'm left only with the LabVIW crash Reporter.


What's wrong?


I did the critical updates yesterday in NI Update Service. It can be related to that.




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Which critical update?  I've just spent at least three weeks chasing a problem that probably arose when I installed the f5 update to LabVIEW 2016.  I spent two of those weeks working with NI Application Engineers (who were very helpful and sympathetic) trying various fixes, all of which failed, then uninstalled all NI Software and started re-installing.  LabVIEW 2012 SP1 went in without problems.  LabVIEW 2014 SP1 failed repeatedly.  I ended up installing no SP1 versions, and being extremely cautious about installing updates.


Bob Schor 

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What is usually the quickest way to fix such issues is to repair/reinstall LabVIEW (preferably this way).

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