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LabVIEW 2020 SP1 corrupted

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I've recently experienced this problem (twice) and was wondering if anyone else had.


I have LabVIEW 2020 SP1 installed on a server machine running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Version 1809. Recently with a particular project, I have found that in the midst of a build or compile operation LabVIEW produces an error (I don't recall what the first one was; the second was something like 'User.cpp') and crashes. After that, LabVIEW will start but whenever I try to open a project it will bring up the project explorer for about a second, then close and return to the main startup window.


The first time this happened I missed the opportunity to restore the server from backup (7 day rolling window) and had to completely remove and reinstall LabVIEW, which worked. The second time I simply had the server restored from backup, as I needed to get this particular project completed as quickly as possible.


The project itself does not appear to be corrupted in this process, as I can readily open it on my workstation and work with it there. However, I need to be able to work with it on this server as well (enables remote working for me as well as supporting remote devices) and so trying to determine what is going wrong would be handy. I am hoping that I will be able to reproduce the error again once this critical work is out of the way so I can debug it in detail.

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You said this is a server so you likely have ECC RAM, but in the past I saw something similar when a stick of RAM was bad in a PC.  It took a bit of testing to figure out the issue and isolate it down.  But once I did I snapped that stick.  For me I also saw issues installing NI software.  The MD5 was fine but it would say that some CRC check failed and the install would abort.

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Thanks Hooovahh. Hadn't thought of the RAM but will have to look into it.


So far no repeats yet...

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Thanks again Hooovahh - you pointed me in the right direction. I followed this up with our server admin group and they noticed that the server was struggling with RAM and paging file usage, so I got them to add more RAM to it. So far the problem has not reoccurred!

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