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LabVIEW 2009 crash when trying to go to VI Properties dialog

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I will probably do that in a near future. The only thing is that I will have to find the time... Doing that wil probably take me few days... I'm pretty confident it will work afterward. I was posting here in the hope I wouldn't have to do that.. Smiley Very Happy


My OS on both computers are genuine (already installed when I received them). Like I said, I've been working with LabVIEW full-time since 5 years without any issue of this kind...


Thanks again for the help!



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Launching VI Properties sometimes interacts with your network and with your printers.  Try removing all printers from the machine and see if that helps.  If not, try disabling the network adapters and see if that helps.  I don't have any ideas other than those...

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Wow, Good catch Derren! It worked!


Our printer server took in fire few weeks ago and I was actually playing with that... It would not have cross my mind though.


Thanks a lot, I will vote for you at the employee of the month at NI!


Thanks again for the support at NI!  Smiley Happy



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