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LabSSH can support an multiple number of sessions simultaneously?



We have an application in which We are using following:

1. RPi Cards with IP address 001 to 010

2. Ethernet cable Connected from all RPi Cards to Ethernet Switch

3. Test PC Connected with Test Utility to Ethernet Switch

4. Develope the test software using LABVIEW 2017 on the test  PC.

5. Study and Verify the test results of all RPi Cards


We have to interface multiple Raspberry Pi devices using LabVIEW application over tcp ip and acquire the data using attached LabSSH Library. 


Is it possible to acquire data simultaneously from multiple Raspberry Pis with different IP addresses using LabVIEW using SSH library?




Amit Rane





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I am not familiar with the LabSSH library but since it is using TCP sockets I see no reason you couldn't process the data from multiple RPi devices. The approach I would take is to write a VI which handles a single device. Once that is functioning correctly, create another VI which will dynamically spawn N number of copies of your processing VI. N is equal to the number of devices you have. The inputs to the processing subVI would be the IP address and port of the device you are communicating with.

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