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LV RTE will not download or install with WatchGuard

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Hi guys,


A customer is receiving a persistent error.

- They can install our LV exe but LV RTE must not be being installed because when they go to run the app a dialog says that the LV RTE must be installed.

- They can't download or install the LV RTE.


I don't know much about this WatchGuard error.

Any tips or solutions?  Perhaps they need to allow a certain port or something?



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Have you already tried giving them an installation which includes application + RTE + any other dependencies?

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Yes installer includes RTE.

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Accepted by topic author battler.

WatchGuard seems to be some sort of firewall software that IT departements can install on corporate networks to control what users can access over the internet. The rule in question seems to deny any download that contains an exe and/or DLL file. It doesn't look LabVIEW specific at all.

So they will not be able to download ANY installer from the web onto any of the computers that are protected by WatchGuard with this rule enabled.


Possibly the computers are locked down even more by disallowing installations of components that try to do more than just placing an executable into the Program Files folder, such as for instance installing additional DLLs and ActiveX components into normal Windows locations. The LabVIEW runtime does contain such components and the installation of it during installation of your executable may silently fail because of such filter rules. Most likely the users in question will need to involve their IT department and have them install your software for them with a special login that has the necessary rights to make modifications to the computer beyond installing an executable into the Program Files folder.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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