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LV Dev question for multi language devs here: Are there C# equivalents to LV frameworks like DQMH, etc?

I'm completely self-taught (as in no formal instruction) when it comes to LV (or really any programming language). I have a workable level of skill with VBScript, the most basic C#, and few other proprietary/random domain/application specific scripting languages. It is in LabVIEW where I have the most experience and what I would call an advanced level. I'm at a point where it is difficult to imagine making any LV application of even moderate size without using LVOOP/interfaces and things like DQMH or actor framework. That said, I have a real necessity to improve my C# skills for when LV can't be used or simply isn't used. I'm having a hard time understanding how the world of C# developers works in the sense that I can't find what I would call the equivalent of something like DQMH, helpful architecture frameworks and tooling that developers use. Do C# devs just build everything using the tools provided by Visual Studio and the .NET Framework and not have equivalents to DQMH? Is there somewhere where one can learn about the options available for C# if such frameworks do exist? It feels like I don't know enough to know what I don't know or what to even type into Google to find these answers. Can someone here with experience in the LV and C# worlds shed some light on this for me and point me in the right direction? Much appreciated.

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I have ventured slightly into the Text world and I can provide some related details.


There are some architectural concepts that developers follow and some reusable frameworks.


AFAIK, there aren't any specific framework like DQMH or Actor Framework that gets you going fast. Companies come up with custom framework based on their line of work.

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