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I am using matlab 2018a.

The first dll compiles fine.

When trying to compile the wrapper dll,I got these

Error using mbuild (line 164)
Unable to complete successfully.


And I proceeded with Matlab coder and I got dll file after loading them to LABVIEW I'm getting error on memory location ,please help me in this


Thanks in advance

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First of all you will get better help if you use a subject line that briefly describes your issue. Every post on this board is about LabVIEW. 

Next, your description is a bit cryptic - it's hard to understand whether this is a Matlab issue or a LabVIEW issue. You spend most of your time describing issues with compiling Matlab code into DLLs and then indicate that those DLLs cause an error in LabVIEW. You also do not include any code, making it difficult to help you to troubleshoot. 

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Blind guess - you're using Matlab to compile a 64-bit DLL and trying to run it in LabVIEW 32-bit.

If that's not correct, then for a better guess, you'll need a bunch more details as John already pointed out.


  • What is the first DLL?
  • What is your wrapper? From what to what?
  • What is the error message, and code? (In LabVIEW at run time or edit?)
  • Can you upload some or all of the relevant code? (.m, .vi, .dll etc)

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