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Keithley 24XX and DAQmx integration

Hi all,


I was curious if anyone had any sample block diagrams or references to pages about the integration of Keithley 24XX and DAQmx together. I'm trying to integrate the two into a block diagram for simultaneous use, but I'm having some trouble. Thanks in advance.

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Can you get them working separately with no problems?


What "trouble" are you having when you try to use them at the same time?


What exact hardware do you have and how is it hooked up?

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To answer your first question, yes, each one works on its own, and I can have each one included in a block diagram, and they both work. Currently, I have a setup with the Keithley device that simulates a pulse signal in a for loop, and I'd like the DAQmx device to send a specific voltage whenever the pulse hits zero. So, for instance, 1V is sent to the Keithley device, then it drops to zero, and when it hits zero, I'd like the DAQmx device to output a voltage. 


The Keithley device is a 2420, and the DAQ is a NI USB-6341. Hope that helps. 

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