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JAI GigE Camera and IMAQ-DX

 I am currently try to use a JAI AP-1600T-PGE with IMAQ-DX but keep getting an “Error 0xBFF6901B timeout” when I try to get an image using NIMAX. I am running LabVIEW 2022Q3, Vision2022Q3, and NIMAX 2022Q3. I am using xml file for the camera dated 11/2019


Using a network card and Intel MPro1000 (with the IMAQ driver). I have  check the multiple articles on NI for the that 'Timeout' error, turned off the  firewall, jumbo packets, etc.

 It was working perfectely in the 'eBus Player for JAI' that is provide with the camera. I have uninstalled the eBus Player and it still gives me the timeout error.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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HAVE you finished thhis problem? If you had, can you tell me please
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Camera manufacturers develop software that work with the proprietary requirements of their cameras.  NI provides IMAQdx that attempts to adhere to the GenICam (Generic Interface for Cameras) standards, but not all cameras that say they are GenICam-compliant work easily with IMAQdx (I tried for several months to get a third-party camera, which worked with the manufacturer's proprietary driver, to do the same functions with IMAQdx, without success).


If you have an "image-acquisition/processing" task you want to do using LabVIEW, make sure that the camera has been certified to work with IMAQdx.


Bob Schor

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