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Issue in connecting sub VI programs through the main program

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Sorry i am unable to open vi. It is missing the files.
-Can you re upload them including sub vis.
-From the vi what i understand is, if your problem is connecting the mode control, then the data type of mode is numeric in The control what you have is Enum type. Which is what conflicting here(that is my guess).
-Please check the data types if it's helpful
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I am still unable to remove the error. I am sending you all VI's including sub VI's (attached).

so please check and tell how error can be removed?

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In continuing, the other VI's are here.

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I am still not foloowing your problem.Let me give you some hints
-If you make particular input terminal as required in connector pane (it will be shown in Bold type) you must connect that terminal when you are using that sub vi.
-So, you must connect all required terminals.
-If you have made one type def ctl then you can reuse the same instead of creating similar type of control.
-If i understand correctly, Your "GPIB action" in has four values, whereas the control which you said wanted to connect in has 6 values.
-Please next time zip all vis and ctls and save each of them in lv12. few of them are in 13 still 😞
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I am still unable to solve my problem. Now I am sending you zip folder containing all files.(attached)

Please help me.

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Hi ymanglik,



When creating a ZIP of your VIs you should include all of them...


Did you read any of the advises above?

Did you even go through any of the free online LabVIEW courses?


Things to do with your VIs:

- Remove all unnecessary structures: empty disable structures, empty case structures, empty frames of unneeded sequence structures...

- cleanup your typedefs: it's a NO-GO to create a cluster with unlabelled controls in it!

- Hint: enums should be typedefs. Every enum...

- Use the error cluster. Use it everywhere...

- It doesn't make sense to use a plain GPIBWrite just next to your own GPIB write subVI...

- Using a STOP (or EXIT) function inside a VI is a NO-GO...


Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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ok thanks for your suggestion!!!

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You said you are unable to solve the problem. Did you follow any of suggestions above and corrected it in your latest code?
-As told already repeatedly by me and Gerd now, you are not adding all files together.
-Did you follow the required input terminal concept?? That is the main error you are getting.
-Please follow proper Case names (Your few inputs are in lower and some in other format) in Enum. That is when you get red color for your case names, if it is not in the enum.
-You should connect a value(appropriate) in each case. You cannot leave that.
-Why there are empty cases in your main code and if it is still under development atleast give names to that cases.
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Hello..........thanks for your previous suggestion!!!

That problem has been solved but now I am having issue in connecting some string constant to any array. I am sending you the sub VI files please check and give me suggestion to solve this problem.

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Between these four files, data is the main file and remaining are sub VI. One more file are here.(attached) . so in the main file (data, string constant should be connect to an array but it is not happening and showing error.

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