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Is there a way to capture key press (or release) events when an IMAQ window is currently in focus?

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I was a sad panda when I realized that the IMAQ window didn't seem to pass the key press events down to the controlling VI front panel. Is there a way to recover these key presses and process their events? I'd prefer to be able to use labview functionality directly with the keyboard while an IMAQ window is in focus as opposed to switching to the controlling labview frontpanel.


Thanks for the help.


- Chris

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Hi Chris,

the input device functions should help you. You can poll the keys and react on them. Another soultion is to use a dll which receives the key events and send these to your vi.



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Awesome. I tried out the Input Device method, and it does indeed work. While I prefer the event driven approach, I'll poll if I must. Kudos to you 😄


- Chris

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Hi Majoris,


I'm having a very similar problem, could you please share a quick VI of you solution.


thanks in advance.

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Thank you for your post! Although we'll be glad to offer you advice on this issue, we try to keep each forum post tied to one issue. As this is an old thread relating to a resolved issue I would ask that you create a new thread in which you describe in detail your question, including any relevant context or notes about your application. 


Best regards,


Andy C.

Applications Engineering 

National Instruments 

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