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Is there NI Vision Export Software?

LabView and NI Vision Acquisition Software is great and allowing me to import any camera image by any means, and do it fast.


But suppose I want to import images from a live stream, manipulate them, and then stream them over HDMI output to an HDMI monitor?


How can I do that?


Is there NI Vision Export software to buy?


And I don't want to simply plug another monitor to my system and let Windows detect it and then drag the LabView Front Panel to the 2nd monitor, I want to stream in near real time the images I get from my USB-3 camera after I manipulate them and rescale them so I can plug in a 2nd monitor and see only an HDMI image without the background of the LabView Front Panel.  Just the image.  I could even connect an HDMI recorder and record the results.  How do I do that?



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You will find that the kind of video output hardware you are talking about generally is a very seldom animal and usually situated in the professional video editing market with according price tag. And there is no ready made solution to have IMAQ output to such hardware.


You would have to study the SDK of such a card and write your own interface in LabVIEW to call the SDK functions directly or through an intermediate DLL written in C/C++ and the Call Library Node in LabVIEW. Using the build in HDMI port in your computer to output such image streams is pretty much impossible. The operating system is not structured in a way that would allow that as it will claim such HDMI ports always as screen outputs and manage them itself.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I have used the IMAQ WindDraw VIs found on the Vision Utilities External Display palette to create frameless images on a second monitor.  There are VIs to position the window anywhere you want.  It is still going to be a second monitor though.  For recording, you might consider writing to .avi files.

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