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Is it possible to build a stanalone program with supporting files embedded in the program?

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Hi Mike,


    Thanks! It is a small utility program and I don't want to build a installer. It will be distributed as a standalone exectuable. So it is why I prefer to bundle everything in the executable.



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If your utility is to be installed on a computer with no LV on it, you will still need to create an installer to get the LV runtime engine installed.



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Good points Mike.  I have to run the pics through GIMP to crop and scale anyway so I don't know why I didn't think to save them as PNG which I prefer as well.

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If you want to use a diagram I’ve found that wmf format is better than either jpeg or png, they resize much better. Design or CAD programs usually allow you to export your drawing as a wmf.


You don’t need a picture control, just go to Edit and Import Picture to Clipboard and select the image file. Now paste directly onto your front panel. I often use in the background of a cluster to produce a mimic display. Some of the large system diagrams can show over 100 signals, updating in real time.


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We have LV runtime engine already installed by another program.


Ian thanks for the tip!


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