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Interacting with a compiled LABView executable from another VI

I'm using a piece of hardware that has it's driver executable written in LABView. I would like to interact with it from the inside of my own VI. There's no dedicated LABView driver and I don't have access to the source code. Communication happens over USB. The particular functionality that I need is changing one numeric control, which governs the current that's provided.


Could someone help me with this in any way?


If that matters, I'm using LV2013.

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Was the exe built with VI Server/ActiveX enabled? If so, all you need is a set control value method. If your company was the one that commissioned the exe, for a small cost the vendor can enable this option and rebuild it. If you did commission it, you should have required the source code in the contract.

Other options include using something like AutoIT. You could also turn on NI-Spy/I/O Trace and capture all of the VISA commands. Even though there might not be a driver, you should have a manual that you can read. Implementing a single command should be pretty trivial.
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Unfortunately there's no manual beyond basic set-up instructions, I have no idea how this application was compiled or if it even uses VISA and the original vendor is out of contact. The hardware in question was bought by my university a few years ago from a third-party and came with just a datasheet, set-up instruction and the driver.


I did think about using AutoHotkey but I have no experience at all with interacting with third-party apps from LABView, could you point me in the right direction?

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There are AutoIT examples on this board. I no longer have the code but my first attempt only took a couple of hours to get it working so it's pretty easy to implement, especially for a single control.
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