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Intensity graph [ Last three or four graphs be shown]


I am looping and plotting with intensity graph. Each loop the graph refreshes and plots the new data. I still want to see last few plots. For example, if I do 10 loops , whenever I check my scan I would like to see the previous three or four plots. And I also don't want to plot all 10 graphs. Thanks,

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The nature of GRAPHS is that they show one set of data.  Each time you feed one some new data, the old plots are forgotten.


The nature of CHARTS is that they show historical data. Each time you feed one some new data, the old data is remembered and replotted along with the new data, UP TO A HISTORY LIMIT.


A CHART has a HISTORY LENGTH attribute which controls how much data it remembers.


Consider using an intensity CHART for your purposes.

Steve Bird
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Consider using a shift register with three terminals. Each time you can update the most recent value to be the current values. This should let you keep the last few sets of data and draw each differently within your graph.
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Could you give me an example? I only know the shift register with one terminal. I am relatively new to labview. Right now I have two graphs. One is for progress along x-axis and another one is the final one with the shift register. This is just for one scan for XY axis. 

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