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Labview 2012/Windows 7.  I've created an istallation disk for my sw build in LV Project.  I then install it on the target machine.  Something happen after weeks of running where I think the sw became corrupt so I deleted the folder w the exe and support files in it.  I then tried to do a reinstall. ( setup.exe)  It took me thru a few steps like asking me where I wanted the files.  After that I got a popup saying the version of drivers ( MAX, DAQ, etc)  I had on the was equal to or greater than the ones I was trying to install.  Fine.  I said OK.  When I went to the directory the exe was suppose to be in it was empty.  Can you do a reinstall w the installation disk??

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You can try to do the forced reinstallation.


If that doesn't work, just download the runtime engine and drivers you need and install them manually.  It'll be easier than trying to find out what you didn't do correctly in your uninstallation.

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Yeah I'm guessing what happened here, is after an install Windows has a history of what was installed, and what versions in the registry.  This is what gets listed in the Add Remove Programs list.  When you manually delete files from you disk, Windows still thinks that software is installed.  Because the only record it has of this software is in the registry which last showed it was installed and was version X.  So when you run the installer again Windows checks the registry and sees that it is already installed and doesn't need to do anything.  I was going to suggest performing an uninstall (which will remove the entry from the registry) and reinstall.  I didn't know that the force reinstall existed and that is a better solution for sure.


I've seen in the past that there is sometimes an option when making the installer that you can state to replace files, even if the version is the same.  This is useful for testing new installers, so you don't have to up the revision each time you want to test it, but it appears NI's installers don't work that way.

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