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Image processing with labview

Hello. I would like to make the image analysis vi for uni project. I mostly finished but still did not get correct solution.


In the vi, the image(jpg) is loaded and divided into RGB components then they are modified by the convolution method and scaling method. The operation consists of dividing the image into square areas of n by pixels and then replacing them with single pixels, with the color determined as minimum, maximumor arithmetic mean of values of all pixels in the area.


I made vi but it still would not show the modified picture. I think the array operation is not correct.


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Can you attach the picture?


( I don't see any convolution anywhere. You are not dividing anything into square areas either....)

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I would use enums instead of rings. Makes the case structure easier to read.


See if this can give you some ideas....




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Thank you very much!!

I was stuck at dividing pixels actually and forgot to add enums...

I will refer to it.


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Currently we decimate the image (and also assume that the image size is divisible by the kernel size).


Of course you can equally well keep the image size the same (after deciding what do do at the edges) and replace each pixel with a value derived from a small area centered at each pixel. In this case, the averaging can also be done using 2D convolution with a suitable kernel. Instead of a flat kernel, you could even use a shaped kernel, e.g. a truncated 2D gaussian with a certain width.


Also, if the subset should always be square, you only need one input for it.

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