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IWebBrowser2 can´t completely read a web page

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I have been using the Rip Web Text LV example to read the following web page:


Unfortunately the embedded WebBrowser control doesn´t display the complete web page information. First a Script error ocurrs (See attachment) and eventually a message that "the browser is out of date" will be displayed in the embedded WebBrowser control (See attachment).


The Rip Web Text LV example can be found here:


I appreciate if someone has a solution to this.


Thanks in advance.





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Accepted by topic author RealBjörkis
08-23-2016 04:20 AM

If the page you are accessing requires a certain version of IE (the control uses IE7 by default, I believe), there is a registry key change you can make to make the Web Browser Control use a more recent version of IE. See here for details:


Note that it applies to the executable running the WebBrowserControl - so that's either LabVIEW.exe in the development environment, or YourExecutableName.exe in the runtime engine.

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Hi Sam,

This was really helpful. Now I even can get the text that were not even accesible through the web pages own source. I discovered also that the process name is case sensible. It didn´t work with "labview.exe". It has to be written in the registry like you proposed "LabVIEW.exe". 



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