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IPv6 support in LabVIEW?

I have seen IPv6 mentioned in the roadmap a few times but it never seems to get released. Is it ever going to be released? I have a few applications that would benefit greatly by using IPv6. I have considered the LVS Tools ( but I would prefer native support. I have also wondered if there is a way to do it with calling a Python module through LabVIEW but I don't know that much about Python except to know that it is generally slower than LabVIEW and my applications require speed. Has anyone used the LVS Tools? If so, what are the pro's and con's?




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It's an item that has been pushed out to future versions for quite some time. The current roadmap has not planned it for the coming 2 versions, so if you your project requirements are now or within reasonable short period, waiting on that is not going to be an option.


Calling Python is of course an option, as is calling WinSock through the Call Library Node. But how much is your time worth? Interfacing through the Python node has its own challenges and unless you can isolate the entire communication in your Python module and just have a fairly simple one-function call to retrieve the final result into LabVIEW, you are going to spend a lot of time on that too. WinSock is only an option if you understand C programming and can apply that knowledge to the Call Library Node or write an external shared library in C to interface through the Call Library Node.


So I would say you have to ask yourself following questions:


1) What is my hourly rate?

2) Can I spend 50 or more hours on this before I spend more money than buying the LVS-Toolkit?


As far as money goes and unless you are not a student whose hours are not really factored anywhere, it is a complete non-brainer.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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