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IMAQDX error: 0xbff6003b error passed into imgshowerror is unknown

Dear all:

After I used Commcam to successfully detect the CCD, I disconnected it from the software, and then used e2V to test whether the image can be received. Then the parameters used the default parameters, but there was an error in the picture below. Why ?Please help.




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This error may come up if the camera file is not present on the computer. You should make sure you have the camera file from your manufacturer and save it to your IMAQ directory.
Hello KevinJLU,

If the error still comes up, it could be related to invalid serial communication for the camera. To fix this, try disabling serial communication. Open the camera file, and in the Serial Section, set the SerialDisabled parameter to Yes, as shown below: 
Serial {
Baud (9600)
Databits (8)
Parity (N)
SerialDisabled (Yes)
Stopbits (1)
TermChars (\r\n)


If it doesn't help, please contact with Support - NI.


Best Regards,

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