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I need help please!!

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I'm trying connect my arduino with labview but LV does not recognize the COM ports, what can I do?

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I am guessing you do not have NI-VISA installed.

Does any com ports show up in NI-MAX? (Measurement and Automation eXplorer)

Don't have NI-MAX? Then you don't have NI-VISA installed.

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@Ozvaldo5 wrote:

I'm trying connect my arduino with labview but LV does not recognize the COM ports, what can I do?

Please use descriptive subjects to help others find relevant information. 


Please include relevant information about your setup, including model numbers, how connections are made, and what you mean by "recognize COM ports".

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I have both libraries(NI-MAX and NI-VISA) but even thought I can't connect it

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Does the Arduino's virtual com port show up in Windows Device Manager when the Arduino is plugged in?


In Windows 7 it looks like this:


Then in NI-MAX it should look like this:


If all that is working correctly then the com port should show up in the VISA resource selection in LabVIEW.  


Also remember this com port is only going to be there when the Arduino is plugged in and powered on

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Everyone here are to help you out to solve your Problem, Use Problem statement as your subject so that based on the subject people will tend to reply your solution.


Check with NI MAX whether you can detect hardware details. check with device manager whether system by itself detects or not.

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Thanks for the tips PalaniveIT, this is my second post, I don't know a lot of thing about how to ask, but I will try what you told me


Respect  my problem the situation is this:

I try to communicate LabView with my Arduino. In labView I can do VI's and all the functions but if I try to communicate it through “VISA Serial Port Configuration" in labview does not appear the ports COM when I want to choose the port where I have connected the arduino. So I go to the Arduino IDE and it detected, I can write on it through IDE also I check in the device manager and my computer does recognize that my arduino is connected, I don't know what more can I do

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yes in the device manager it appear but in labview when I try to communicate through the “VISA Serial Port Configuration" when I try to choose de COM port, it does not appear.

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I have both libraries and even whether it does not work

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Hi Ozvaldo5, 


A good place to start looking is probably at this forum post where another customer accomplished a similar task: 

How to read Serial Data from Arduino using labview VISA?


As far as selecting the COM port as a VISA resource it looks like the VISA resource name for this COM port is ASRL5::INSTR. Can you select that as the VISA resource? 


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