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I can't understand how to add a CINTOOLSDIR definition to my list of user environment variables using the System control panel accessory.

Hello! I am working in Labview 8.5. I need to create lsb file and load it to CIN. I have C source file, but I can't understand how to make lvm file using Microsoft  Visual C++ Command line.
Yours respectfully Dmitry.
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Hi Dimon87,

The code interface node is very rarely used and therefore there isn't a lot of documentation about it. Since you already have your code written, I would really recommend compiling your code into a DLL and call it using the Call Library Function Node. For your reference I am attaching a few links that talk about using the Call Library Function Node.

In addition please look in the example finder for an example called Call It gives a very extensive explanation about using this function.

Eli S.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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