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How to use scroll bar?

I want to use 16 slider control on the front panel ,but i want to show only 4 slider control to the user at a i thought to add the scroll bar.
How do i add the scroll bar to view 4 slider control at a time? or is there any way to do this?
Thanks & Regards
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Im not totally sure what you are after, however you could use a splitter bars (Under the containers Pallette) to corner off one section of your front panel.  This would then give you a horizontal and vertical scroll bar for that corner.


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Hi Meenatchi,
There may be several ways to achieve what you want, but my first thought is to suggest you to use a Tab Control with 4 slider controls on each of the 4 pages of the Tab.
What version of LV are you using ?
Because there is the splitter bar facility in LV 8.0 & upwards, that may make your UI look more professional & neat.
Post some code or screenshot for us to get a clear idea of what you want exactly.
- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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Thanks for your reply.
I am using LabView7.1

I here wiith attached the screenshot.
In that i have arranged 4 slider control and vertical scroll bar.This is the view to the user.If the user press the down arrow of the scroll bar then the first slider control has to move up to view the fifth one and so on...

please help me regarding this...

Thanks and Regards

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The method you ve chosen is a very circuitous one to achieve the purpose.

In situations like these, the Tab Control comes in very handy.

In any case, you re going to show only 4 Sliders to the user; so, why dont you give a thought of using the Tab Control for your application ?

If need be, you can make the Tab Control transparent & its pages invisible by using the Proprty node and pass the value of the Scrollbar control to the corresponding Page of the tab Control. In this case, your Scrollbar Control should have only 4 scale values, say, 4,8,12,16.

When the user chooses 4 on the Scrollbar, show the first page of the Tab & so on respectively...

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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A quick example...
- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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I can't use the tab control because in one screen i have to place atleast 5 group of controls like which i have attached in the last message...

can u tell me somem other way??i feel it is good if i use the scroll bar.

Thanks & Regards


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Similar to the tab solution suggested above but using an array instead.  sorry i do not have version 7.1, perhaps someone would be kind enough to convert it for you.

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In My example above, the numeric controlling the array index has the following option set under properties.

Data Range---> Minimum = 0, Maximum = 12, Step size = 4, coerce if out of range = true.

That ensures that the other uninitialised elements are not shown to the user.

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