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How to use Win32 API winbase.h functions

@3d0g wrote:


To what you have said, I see no other alternative than use the winapi.  However, you are clearly much more knowledgeable than I.  Here's the situation.  You know you have a new device and Windows has enumerated it and given it a COMn.  Were you to open MAX and refresh, yes, it would be there, but that's it.  That's all you have. 

Ever tried to run Find VISA Resources with a search term of "ASRL?+"? 

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Two things, actually three


1. Thank you for speaking with me.  Although, I'd prefer we take this to the thread I just made for it:


2. To answer your question, directly, no.


3. Why no?  I have learned that ASRLn != COMn.  I do like HKLM\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\SERIALCOMM's response, though.


serialously, how about we take this conversation to the thread above?  I'm sure we can go to some real meat and potatoes, but such would be better in a thread that was made for it.

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