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How to use VI Logger to log data after analysis?


I built an application that acquires analog signal and determines its fundamental frequency and harmonics.
In order to log obtained data "frequency and THD", Im trying to use VI logger functions but it seems that these functions log acquired data "before doing the analysis".
Is there any way to use VI Logger in my application to log analysed data?


Tareq J. Al-Arja
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Hi Tareq,

VI Logger was developed to help people to quickly acquire data and then store that data to disk. While it can do some simple scaling of data when you create the various logger tasks VI Logger is not meant to be an analysis package.

If you want to do analysis on your data then you should look into getting a program that was designed to do analysis like LabVIEW.

VI Logger is designed to help you acquire data quickly and easily. If you want a professional medium to acquire, analyze and present data, then you should look towards getting LabVIEW instead.

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