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How to send data in specific row of a table or of an array?


Does anyone know how can data be send to a specific location (cell) in a table or array?
For example, I want to write numbers in "numeric controls"; when I click a button I would like this data to go on the first row of the table. I know how to do this. NOW, I want to input new numbers and when I click again the button I want this new set of numbers to go on the second row of the table and so on (every time I click the button the data should go to a new row from the table).
Any suggestions/examples?

Thank you.
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It would be best for you to attach an example to clarify your requirements. How many dimensions for the array (1D, 2D, ...)? Does the array exist at the final size or do you want to grow the array with each element addition?

Since you are talking about a table, I assume you are dealing with a 2D array of strings.

Typically, you would initialize an array at the final size with all empty strings, then use "replace array element" with the correct index to substitute your data. You can for example use the iteration terminal of your loop for the index so it increments with each step.
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Is there actually a terminal for row and one for column?
The application is not running really (yet). It might be even more confusing. I will try your suggestions.

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Yes, you will get an index terminal for each dimension of the array.
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