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How to read *.wav file by using exmaple vi

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Dear all,


I am beginner of Labview. 


I tried to read "*.wav" file by using "sound file read", however, I coudn't get any data.


I would appreciate if someone help me !



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As shown in the video, I couldn't get any data.

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In your file path control, the file path is not C:\Windows Balloon.wav, but the backslash has been replaced by a crazy Y symbol.


Also, put an error wire on the output of the Read Wave File.  My guess is you are getting an error.  But for some reason you have automatic error handling turned off.  Go to the VI properities, Execution, and check the box for Enable Automatic Error Handling

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Dear Mr./Ms. Ravens Fan,


Thank you very much for your immediate response.


As for the charater "Y", we an not use "/ (opposite)" in Japanese LabVIEW and we usually use "Y".  So, I think this is not the problem in my case.


When I change the file name which is not exsist in my PC, error message is appeared as shown in attached JPG.


I would appreciate if you give me additional advices.




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When I put correct name, error message is not appeared.



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Accepted by topic author yoshihiro

Dear all,


I reinstalled LabVIEW.  Then I can get the data without changing VI.


Anyhow, thank you very much everyone who takes your time for me.



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