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How to output 3D Surface Graph as image file (bmp or jpg or png)

I'd like to output a graph from the 3D module as a regular image (like a JPG or BMP).  At this time, I'm going through an awkward process of taking a screen cap, then isolating the image with photoshop (painful and time consuming).

Any idea or input would be appreciated.
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RIght-click on the graph and "create...invoke node". On the diagram, select method "get image".

Save the output of "image data" as JPG, BMP, or PNG using the tools from the "Graphics Formats" palette.

(The code shows would get a 24bit PNG image)

See how far you get. Good luck! 🙂

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Thanks!   I can't wait for Monday to try this out.

I'll report back with results.
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I don't expect the original poster to reply to this (v. old thread) but is it really this simple?  Do I not have to wire depth, rect, color table etc in the write to jpg/bmp/png VI? 

When I follow the instructions given (create>invoke node) I get what is shown in the attachment (LabVIEW 6i (6.0.2?) - note no pink 'image data').  When I wire a write to jpg VI to 'image' I'm told to wire all the other things I mentioned.

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"is it really that simple?" - yes!  See  Everything does have to be wired but all the information's given! Smiley Very Happy
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