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How to make "Ctrl + q" not quiting a running application.

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I've made several applications using LabView 2014/15, but have not been aware of the function "Qtrl + q" quiting the application.

Is there a way to stopp this from quiting an runing application?

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In your built application, you cand remove the menu bar.  Or you can edit menu bar as necessary.  Remove the shortcut.


You can edit the menu bar in the LabVIEW development environment.  Look at Tools >>  Options >> Menu Shortcuts

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Are you talking about in the IDE?  The shortcuts in LabVIEW can be customized by going to Tools >> Options... and then under the Menu Shortcuts you can change or remove the shortcut so it no longer requests an Exit.


If you are talking in an EXE, I've just tested a couple EXEs I have and this command doesn't cause it to quit.  I'm guessing it has to do with the default run-time menu, which can be removed, or customized by going to Edit >> Run-Time Menu from the source.  It can be hidden entirely by going to the VI Properties (CTRL+I) and customize the Window Appearance to not show the menu bar.

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Tanks for the quick reply 🙂

As an additional question: do I have to do this in every sub vi or is it enough to do it in the main vi?

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