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How to make a VI remember the latest control value?

It seems to be looking for a global variable, and is password protected.

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Remove the password protection from the VI and see if it works for you then.  If you insist on a password, add a control to the Get/Set VIs to pass the password to the Open VI Reference function in order for it to work.

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By using this INI file, I need to write every value by using Write Key.Vi and read every value by using Read Key.Vi. Is that right? Like write and read one by one?



Yes your understanding is correct.

So as you have a lot of controls/indicators (as guruthilak suggests) use the FP method to access the labels and then write to the file. Similarly read the file when launching the VI and that will set the FP control/indicators with required value.

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This is an old thread, but I'm curious about the invoke node in the get and set value VIs. Where did that invoke node come from? How do I recreate it? I understand I can copy and paste it, but I don't understand how it was created in the first place? I'm guessing there are a bunch of other methods I wasn't aware of that can be made in the same way as this one.
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I assume you mean the tag methods. These methods are scripting methods, so you need to enable scripting in the LV options dialog to see them (I think it's in the VI server page). There are also VIs in vi.lib which allow access to these and protect you from some issues, such as namespacing. I believe they're in vi.lib\utility\UserTags.


Personally, I'm not a fan of this method, mainly because it saves the values in the VI and you can't do that in an EXE. You could do something like this instead -

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