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How to implement Non linear Curve fitting (lsqcurvefit of matlab) in Labview

Hi Labview Team,


I am looking a way to implement "lsqcurvefit" command of matlab in Labview to do some curve fitting ; basically to  Solve nonlinear curve-fitting (data-fitting) problems in least-squares sense, at present I couldn't find a better way to implement it. Can you please give me some suggestion on this to how to implement this " curve-fitting: on labview.




Ankit Gupta

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Are you aware of the 'lsqfit' function in the MathScript RT Module?  MathScript RT Module 2010 help:

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ohk...thats new for me...I was not aware of this. I will try this and see if this is good  for me.




Ankit G

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You did not say you have the mathscript module. Do you? In any case, labview has a rich set of native nonlinear fitting tools. This seems like a better option.

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