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How to get GATT with BLE Toolkit

How do I get GATT from a device using LabVIEW BLE Toolkit?

I've managed to communicate with the device using a Handle, but it turns out that the Handle isn't persistent and the UUID should be used. By reading the GATT, I could find which Handle is connected to a specific UUID.

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Hi FrasseKatt,


This toolkit isn't maintained by NI. It would be better to get support through the BLE Toolkit Community Page:

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Thanks for the tips!

My question is now posted on the BLE Toolkit Community page.

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I have developed the BLE LabVIEW driver based in windows 10 UWP platform. Here, we no need to have any Bluetooth dongle. It uses the PC / Laptop windows Bluetooth driver. You can find the library at below location: 

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At the first look at your BLE driver, it looks quite similar to BLE Toolkit.

Can tell me how you get the GATT table with your driver?

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Developed the driver by referring the example code at below location:


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