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How to fix high CPU usage on cRIO 9022 when using NI-IMAQdx modified example

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I am running a modifed version of the low-level snap example in the NI-IMAQdx example foldelrs. I am attaching a screenshot of my code but basically I modified it so that I could save the images being taken. The code works, however while it is running I get a pop-up window with a message that says "waiting for real-time target to respond" and a button that says "stop waiting and disconnect". If I don't do anything the window eventually goes away by itself but it does come back a couple of times during the duration of the run. I read online that this can be due to high CPU usage. I checked the usage while running the VI and indeed at times it goes up to 99%. I am using a basler camera an acA-2500-14uc camera with labview 2015. Any suggestions on how to improve this?


Thank you!

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I would first try taking the IMAQ configuration, start, and stop out of the while loop. Opening and closing sessions as well as creating and destroying image buffers all takes time.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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Thank you for your reply! The only reason it was setup like that was because I was trying to save the image directly to a USB flashdrive while using a USB camera both connected to a USB hub on the one USB port on the cRIO 9022. Because of this I have to close communication with the camera before I try to save to the flashdrive or I get an error. I will try and take all the images and save them to the cRIO and then transfer them all at once to the flashdrive. I just need to make sure I properly erase the images on the cRIO because we will be taking about 100 images every 24 hours for 1000 hours. Now I just have to figure out how to save-transfer-erase the images. 

Thank you for your help!

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