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How to display spectral lines in color band

Hi Shane, just wonder if you are home yet.  I was trying the picture control for the past few days but didn't get anything positive.Smiley Sad  I apologize if you bother your vacation.

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No, no problem.  I've been home since but I'm very busy at the moment.  I'll try to get something posted soon.  Sorry for the delay.



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Hello Jack and Shane,


Do you mind sharing your code, or the idea of doing it?  I am working on something very similar, but not spectral line related.


Thanks in advance!

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Could you post your example vi here? I also need to solve this problem.

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I try to make a example, see attached.

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Wow, 5 years ago I promised to deliver example code.   I don't have it on my current computer, I'd have to try to dig it up at home, it was written in LV for Macintosh version 8.2.1.


I'll have a look and see if I can find anything useful, I promise.  It'll only take me 3 years to respond this time..... Smiley Wink

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@ronke wrote:

I try to make a example, see attached.

There is nothing attached.

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@altenbach wrote:

@ronke wrote:

I try to make a example, see attached.

There is nothing attached.

Maybe he tried to make an example and failed? Smiley Frustrated

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As far as I know, to create a color spectrum you need to create triplets of R-G-B values. Here's a simple example to create a PSEUDO color spectrum:





If you want to create a real color spectrum the R:G:B Triplets should look like this instead:





So, ronke what does your code behind the screenshot you posted look like?




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