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How to determine data type of cell in Excel file

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I have a company standard Excel file that needs to be read to determine what tests to run.  I have no control over its format.  I need to be able to tell what the data type is in order to read it using the LabView sample code.  It is a hodge poge of numbers and strings.  Some of the numeric fields are formated as hex while some are floating point.  There does not appear to be a vi that I can call to determine info about the cell formating.  As I remember it, the Windows Active X control for accessing Excel support that.  I really was hoping to avoid dealing with the Active X control for Excel directly.


Any help/ideas?


Outputting it in CSV or similar is not an option.

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If you have to deal with Excel directly, I don't see how you're going to get around using Active X.

Get Number Format from Excel.png


MSDN page on using ActiveX

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Thanks for the info.  I just bit the bullet and coded it in Active X.

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