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How to connect 2 computer in LabVIEW?

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Raven: The method you post looks more simpler but I could not get it works somehow.. i create a project in my 1st computer and set the variable as the instruction said. and i create a project at the 2nd computer and set the same variable and aliasing it to the variable i created in the 1st computer.


but when i run it.. the output in 2nd computer does not change accordingly to the input i put in the 1st computer. not sure what is the problem.. any idea?

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raven: i just realized that i could not see the ip address of my other computer when trying to set the library to the shared variable. any idea how to overcome this problem?

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*forgot to inform that after Step number 5) you must enter the IP address of the other computer into the Address input in Data


*the step number a bit mess just follow from top to bottom (remember to enter the IP address before running the VI.)

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Hi, I also want to connect two PC in labview, your answer seems convincing.

I couldn't find Data and client in my computer, can you please help me in finding ?


thanks in advanvce.

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Tdholariya, it has been almost 7 years since my final project using NI. That was the first and the last I been using the software. I might not be able to assist you in this matter as I need to find back my project files and get myself familiar again with the software in order to guide u on the process that I've been through. The software also might has been upgraded since 2010.


Usually you can get in contact with NI representative thru your supervisor to get them to advice on the steps needed. Wish you best of luck.

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I am sure there are examples in the example finder that show you how to do all this. Go to " examples...".

(Sorry, posting by phone. Cannot give more details)

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Hy did you find Data and Client ? I have the same problem

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Open LabVIEW (I'm using 2016).  Click Help, LabVIEW Help, click Contents tab, go to Fundamentals, Transferring Data, and read.  Follow links that seem relevant/interesting.


Now go back to LabVIEW, Help, Find Examples.  Click Browse Tab, and open Networking.  Browse.  Experiment.


Bob Schor



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