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How to communicate between to PCs through USB?



In my application, i need to communicate between two PCs (Personal Computer) through USB by making one PC as Host and another PC

as Slave. How can i do this using LabVIEW application? Please suggest a way for doing this.




Padmavathi .B

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study this thread for a start.


post if any specific help required

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My query is related to communication between two personal computers but not along PIC.


I want to communicate with two Personal Computers through USB interface.


How can i do this?





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Plug a USB/RS-232 converter into each pc. Connect with null modem serial cable. Use VISA Reads and Writes. Plug a USB NIC into each pc. Connect with crossover Ethernet cable. Use VISA Reads and Writes or TCP/IP Reads and Writes. Both of these options are inexpensive and easy to code. I don't think you can get away with just a USB cable between the two but that's not a LabVIEW issue. You might want to check the information at

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I am using an embedded micro-controller application which is acting as a USB host. I want to know how to use PC (Personal Computer) as USB slave to demonstrate my Host application.


What I am looking for is, what ever the data that is transmitting from USB host should be displayed on the PC through USB.





Padmavathi .B

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You can't connect a host to a host and simply define one of them as a slave.


Host and slave is hardware-determined with USB.  This will not work.


There is such a thing as USB-on-the-go where a device can act as host or slave depending on the context but I've never heard of a PC USB controller adhering to this standard.



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