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How to change the case structure to string input?



I have the inner case structure that it will decide to set "DC Voltage" or "DC Current" mode. The "Output Function" contained the selection of function "DC Voltage" or "DC Current". So far it only work with DC Voltage not DC Current. My question is how do I change the case structure to string selector? When the output function is selected to DC Voltage then the case structure is selected DC voltage case. Please help Thanks.

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You don't really need to convert the value to a string? The problem is that the value of the individual ring items are not 0 and 1, as you assumed. The values generated by the controls are:

DC Voltage: 1006

DC Current: 1007.


You can find this out by viewing the properties for the "Output Function" and going to the "Edit Items" tab.


So, all you need to do is change the 0 to 1006 and the 1 to 1007 for your case items.


By the way, your sequence frame serves no purpose.

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