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How to change ini file on RT with RT application

Is there any way to change the custom ini file on RT with RT application?

Now I am doing it by ftp it to host and change it and then ftp it back.

Thanks a lot for any input.

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Files on the RT device can be accessed just like files on your hard drive.
Why not read it (using the file I/O VIs), change the text and write back?

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Not really.

Ini file on RT seems only readable. I tried to use Configuration File vi to change them, but it didn't work. The program run OK and didn't give any error, but the ini file didn't change at all.
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Did you try overwriting it explicitly (COPY another file in its place)?
I don't have any RT devices near me, so I can't test this myself.
Is this INI files or general or specifically the files used for the app?

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