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How to autoscale multiple Y Axes in waveform chart & waveform graph

 Hello Everyone, i have been struggling with this one issue. I want to plot multiple Y-axes on a waveform chart. I get the 1st chart auto-scaled as per data, but the rest of the 'Duplicate Scales' fail to autoscale themselves based on the data.

How can I get this resolved?


Now on LabVIEW 10.0 on Win7
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That happens because your second Y-scale is not associated with any of the plots.  All 3 plots are associated with the the first Y-scale.


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Not sure if i understand you correct, but after reading multiple forums on similar issues, i figured out that the 'Active Y Scale' property needs to be added. 

I did the same thing, please see attached. 






Now on LabVIEW 10.0 on Win7
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I figured out what went wrong. It was in the waveform legend... not in the code. This link helped me


Now on LabVIEW 10.0 on Win7
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