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How to access markers from traces in VNA through LabView Coading

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Hi Folks!!


I am working on a project which includes the interfacing of the agilent pna x 5242 with LabView through GPIB port. Most of the helping material and codes are available but i am stuck on a marker accessing problem.


I successfully created the markers on the two different traces, each separate trace placed on seprate window but on same channel. I was able to place my desired markers on my desired X-axis frequecy point, as i required the corresponding Y-axis value. 


but actual problem is that i am reading these markers from another VI. that VI is working perfectly but because of the fllow of the program i am able to read only the last generated trace markers and i was not able to read the markers of 1st trace.


picture 1 shows the traces and markers generation


picture 2 shows the marker placement


picture 3 shows the marker reading VI.



error which i VNA shows is "Uninterupted Query"







here are attached few parts of my codes ....






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Accepted by topic author T@bi
The images are confusing. What is the top level VI? The first image does not have any outputs at all. Where are you calling the subVI in the third image?

You don't have uninterrupted queries. You get an interrupted query when you issue a command before the result of another command query it's read.
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here are the sub VIs, for your kind review

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marker reading VI

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Since you marked your question as solved, why attach the VIs?
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sorry i marked that mistakenly 😛
but i need a review and your kind suggestions

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Why don't you first answer my questions?
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