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How to Connect the Kinect to Labview

Hi everybody.

I would like to know if somebody have tried to connect the Kinnect with Labview.

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I'm adding a link to those, I manage to use the user recognition and tracking in LabVIEW using OpenNI. If sone are interrested: 

Florian Abry
Inside Sales Engineer, NI Germany
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Did anybody tried using official SDK drivers with LabView 2011 ??

Have difficultied accessing microsoft.research.dll


Using 64 bit Win 7 with 32bit Labview 2011.



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@Nokrad wrote:

Have difficultied accessing microsoft.research.dll

Such as?

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1. tried to run a few VIs when loading project LB is looking for Microsoft.Kinect.Research.dll, tried different locations, both .dll (one provided with VI and one from SDK source) getting error that file was not found.

2. when buiding VI adding .net contructor node, Microsoft.Kinect is not on the list, when browsing getting error that cannot load, assembly build with newer than currently loaded runtime.

3. tried call library function VI, will load but not function available... getting funtions only MSRKINECTNUI.dll. Was able to initialiaze kinect, uninitialize, when trying to get colorpixelcoordinates LB usually crashed.

4. Was able to connect Kinect as USB camera (camera and depth view working no problem in skype) however crashes when trying to use it in LB (vision express VIs)

5. .config file found on NI websibe for 4.0 .NET will not open because its not compatible with 64bit system.

6. working fine with c#,


Any ideas ??

Are you using SDK driver or openNI driver ??

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OK, got it working.

Had to create my own .config file for 64bit.

previously was using one provided on the website.



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Could you share your details regarding your own .config file for 64bit ... please

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